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LIFEWATCH Newsletter


*LifeWatch* is a consortium of institutions and organisations acting on
behalf of a number of European States and scientific networks dedicated
to preparing the construction of a research infrastructure for
biodiversity and ecosystem research. More…

*LifeWatch moves towards Construction!
*The LifeWatch Stakeholders Board had its first meeting on 7 and 8
September 2010 in Toledo, Spain.* *This Board brings together the
representatives of countries willing to facilitate the establishment of
LifeWatch. Various legal and financial issues were discussed, resulting
in the common understanding of the principles to establish LifeWatch. A
/strategy towards a quick start of construction activities was adopted/
and will be elaborated in a start-up organization following the current
preparatory project.* *More…

*League of European Research Universities stresses “key importance” of
future LifeWatch*

In its Advice Paper Nr.4 of June 2010, /Challenges for Biodiversity
Research in Europe/, the League of European Research Universities (LERU)
stresses: "/European-wide biodiversity infrastructures, such as the
ESFRI ´LifeWatch´ project, are of key importance. Interoperable
databases using adopted standards as well as tools and expertises to use
the data are needed./" (p.14)/. //Read the full paper…

*LifeWatch and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) sign
Memorandum of Cooperation*

Just before the Summer holidays, LifeWatch and GBIF signed an important
cooperation agreement. The main objective of the MoC is to put in place
an institutional framework that will allow the two like-minded
initiatives to work closely together on a number of common strategic
issues. Such activities include the promotion of a free and open data
sharing policy, fostering the use of common standards and protocols,
effective communication and coordination, supporting GBIF infrastructure
with LifeWatch capabilities, and the strengthening of services that
would assist LifeWatch-users in publishing their data via the GBIF
network./ Full press release…

*LifeWatch Commitment Survey
*We are interested to find out if LifeWatch, in its preparatory phase,
is leading to a strong(er) commitment of networks and institutes towards
the aims of LifeWatch. To this end, a survey tries to assess the
commitment of members (institutes) of associated Science Networks to

If you are the representative of a Network associated with LifeWatch,
please also forward this survey to the individual member
organizations/institutes of your Network.
Please download and fill out the survey (MS Word doc) here